Friday, May 18, 2012

okay, so those aren't the lyrics... but she is super flashy and fun!!! Lady J over at MyPerfectPolish did a swatch of Lola a few weeks ago and i loved it on her, so i thought i would take a shot at it.

this is such a glowingly gorgeous pink, and i thought it was tons of fun with Lush and Luxe (China Glaze) on my ring finger and thumb. it is super hard to photograph though, because the flashes of blue are so much more apparent in person than in photographs. it took two coats to get opaque, but i did three to make it a little more even. i felt like barbie the whole time i wore this :)

with flash


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

golden agro

so, long story but a coworker's exboyfriend used to tease her every time she wore green that she was a lesbian. (i guess in asshole logic, lesbians like green?) anywho, the joke is now that whenever i wear green, i'm totally gay for her. which is true at all times to be honest. 

so she's been away from work for three weeks and in her honor, i decided to do my tips in Agro from the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection. (okay, we may have also read the Hunger Games together) 

this is one - yes, one!!!! - coat of Agro with two layers of essie as gold as it gets on the tips. this was a dream to apply, even more so than my other China Glaze polishes. i love how subtle the essie is, but i think it adds something to the manicure. Agro has a nice golden glow to it on it's own and it isn't nearly as dark as i thought it would be...i'm kind of in love with it in all fairness. 


the cold harsh light of a soulless cubicle

Monday, May 14, 2012

sparkly monday tips

so i did this once with a dark blue and decided to try the opposite with Zoya's Snow White. turned out super cute, but i am super disappointed with the bubbling from the top coat. i managed to do a better job applying the Snow White this time. it is super thick and took two heavy coats to get opaque and even then i had a little bit of streaking around the edges. 

over all i was super happy with the white, it isn't too stark for an all over nail color and with the little bit of sparkle i think it's a pretty fun (but not quite every day) manicure.


i know what boys like - no, really... i kinda do ;)

so i finally played with my new deborah lippman polishes, including this gem which i bought only because this song has been one of my all time favorites for way too long to admit:

anywho... greatest song ever and my new favorite blue polish. the bottle itself wasn't super impressive and at one coat it was horribly streaky and inconsistent and i was almost in tears because i was *seriously* determined to love it. i glopped (technical term) on a second coat and held my breath and lo and behold i had the most deliciously shiny deep periwinkle nails ever. the second coat evened it all out perfectly, though my actual hands are hideous so don't look too closely. 

the direct sunlight picture is the most true to color, though i'll admit i kinda like it in all the pictures ;)

direct sunlight



Thursday, May 10, 2012

subtle glitter makes me smile

i decided i wanted to try something i saw on pinterest. why is grey so pretty with glitter?? (another example here) but i wanted it matte...

this is two coats of revlon timeless, and btw i love this grey. it isn't blueish, greenish or even tan tilting. it is just a neutral grey. one quick coat of milani jewel fx gems, which is seriously my favorite glitters. so many sizes and so many colors! not a complicated mani, but still made me happy for a bit :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Work Safe Wednesday - Kimber

in the spirit of trying my untrieds, i let a girlfriend pick my polish for today. she chose Zoya's Kimber. i know i bought it, and it is so pretty in the bottle...but i got an overwhelming sense of "meh" when i put it on. i topped it with zoya armor and a swipe of china glaze over it is ridiculously shiny and i have gotten a couple compliments on it... still, i am vastly underwhelmed.

it went on smoothly, covered really well even in one super thick coat. i did two, just to see if it would add more dimension or depth. no luck. i think this might be more of a statement on someone with fairer skin (more contrast perhaps). there are flecks of gold micro glimmer, but not enough to give it the same hint of a duo that kimmy has. this may boil down to my disinterest in berry polishes, but i will totally pass this on to a fairer complected girlfriend and post pictures soon :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I got/had the Springtime Blues

i played with manipulative when i got it in the mail, but was so unhappy with the application that i put it away and forgot about it until last week. i was checking zuza agaisnt all of my dusty blue/tiffany's blue dupes and realized that maybe manipulative and i got off on the wrong foot. i think the two together might be a little off, but individually i am enamored. 

manipulative is the perfect mix between a dusty blue and a bright teal, i didn't' get much of that beautiful pinkish shimmer that glimpses out of the bottle (even after three coats), though i think i can see glimpses of the pink in this picture, on the thumb...

zuza was just as lovely, and it wasn't gritty like some of the micro glitters that i have gotten from zoya *i'm looking at you Kimmy* 

btw - my kiddo was just as in love with zuza so i see a full on zuza mani coming soon...